Sierraron G Granular Pre-emergent Herbicide

5kg bottle and 25kg carton
Active Constituent: 67.5g/kg Dichlobenil


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Eliminates most annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses.
Non-hazardous classi cation.
Active ingredient binds strongly to the soil, minimising run-o or leaching.


Proven pre-emergent weed controller e ective for up to 6 months. Recommended for use on such areas as fence lines, paths, driveways and eld, park and production area perimeters. Sierraron boasts minimal potential for run-o or leaching, due to its granular form it is easy to apply without potential for spray drift.
Not ideal for every situation as it works close to the surface therefore not suited for use near young, recently planted or shallow-rooted plants and shrubs.

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