Hydra o Wetting Agent

Granular & Liquid non-ionic formulations
Hydra o 2 Granular Soil Wetting Agent – 20kg bag
Hydra o L Liquid Soil Wetting Agent – 5L, 20L & 200L drums 


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Made in Australia for varied conditions.
Easy to apply.
Safe for use in any season
Rewets dry soils and aids in ltration and drainage for deeper stronger roots.


The improved dual-action non-ionic formulation of Hydra o 2 and the easy-to-use granules deliver immediate action as a topdress application and improved e cacy incorporated in soils and potting mixes over a longer period of time. E ective for up to 10 months in nursery potting mixes. Hydra o L is a liquid soil wetting agent that is as safe for use on delicate ornamental owering plants as it is on turfgrass greens, sports elds & lawns.

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