ICL is a global leader in slowrelease and controlled- release fertilizers and our products are right at the forefront of fertilizer technology. Our research and development teams are continually developing new technologies to improve the environmental pro le of our products without reducing their efficacy.

We use two technologies in the Landscaper Pro® range which extend the longevity of our fertilizers.

Water permeates through the resin layer and dissolves nutrients inside the granule. This creates pressure which pushes nutrients out, continually and steadily. In our PACE technology, all nutrients are long-acting, while in the case of the Poly-S technology, nitrogen is long-acting. The nutrients are released over a set period depending on the thickness of the coating. The available longevities are 2-3 months, 4-5 months, 5-6 months, and 8-9 months. Several products contain both PACE and Poly-S technologies.