What result do you want?
Which kind of problems do you have to face?
In which season do you have to work?
Rely on these simple programs to choose the right fertilizer.

Good Start

For areas just sown, they need a program that encourages the rooting in order to ensure a strong and resistant turf immediately.

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Easy & Premium

Easy: A simple nutritional program to obtain excellent lawns in conditions of medium useage and in the presence of mild winters.
Premium: A programme that offers the optimum amount of nutrients to produce an excellent lawn under high useage.

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Shade Special & Weed Control

Shade Special: Use this program where there are shaded areas and / or the surface has a poor drainage. Also suitable for poor fertility and acidic soils.
Weed Control: Programme that combines nutrition with the control of some of the most common perennial weeds, such as dandelion, plantain and clover.

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Flora & Bush

Flora: Potted plants should be fed at all stages of growth: an effective program that needs a single application.
Bush: The appearance of borders and shrubs is essential to complete our sense of gratification when we admire our garden. This is the program dedicated to that.

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Nutrition program for medium use turf and reasonable budget.

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